Limpiador de huellas PETKIT para perros, portátil, este increíble limpiador de patas para perros limpia suavemente y con cuidado las patas de tu perro

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Try to release the true running nature of your dogs, and keep mess away from your home and car at the same time?

PETKIT offers you the easiest paw cleaning solution with EVERCLEAN PAW CLEANER AND MASSAGER which designed base on the dog’s paw physiological structure, to give your dog a gentle paw cleaning experience.

Features: Portable Dog Paw Cleaner
-Portable Travel Size: Keep the paw cleaner handy, after trips to the park, walks, hikes,or by your backdoor
-Single hand grip, easy to operate
-The lid’s slotted design is based on the physiological structure of the paw. Dogs will love it because it never hurts their claws
-The lid can drain excess water when taking the paw out after cleaning, and also prevent water from overflowing when washing
-The unibody appearance designed manufacturing process
-Made with finest quality silicone, offering a more gentle touch
-Added matte oil to make the comb skin-friendly
– Material: Silicone+ABS
Who Can Use:
S(9.5cm*9.5cm*12.6cm: Paw dimension<20.5cm
M(10.5cm*10.55cm*15.05cm):Paw dimension<23.5cm

1. Add water to the paw cleaner
2. Insert dirty dog paw
3. Move the paw cleaner up and down while twisting
4. Remove the clean paw and dry with lid and towel
5. Rinse the paw cleaner out

Tipps: not fill too much water in the cup, avoiding the water spilling over while washing the paw
2.Be sure the paw nails are not too long before washing. Paws are might hurted
3.Washing with washing liquid is better to prevent bacteria
4.The massage comb could be used separately. Massage, removing shedding hairs for cats and dogs
5.Air dry the cleaner after usage, avoiding bacteria breeding
6.Do not force your pets to use this paw cleaner, for fear that they will antipathetic to the cleaner. You could induce them and comfort them with food

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